The members of the Jury

On Thursday 22 February, discover Life Sentences, the second film of the "Best of" of the Millenium Festival
On Wednesday 14 February, Valentine's Day, the Millenium Festival opens its best of screenings with a story of undying love.
Millenium pays homage to the films that represent the "Best of" 10 years of Festival at the Cinéma Galeries
This year, the Millenium Festival has rewarded films that were made with a very small budget.
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Jury of the International Competition


Professional Jury 


Sean McAllister
Dita Rietuma
Simone Vajda Violetta
Jan Jařab
Pavlina Jeleva


Jury of the Audience


Aurélie Geets
Brigitte Allart
Marie Vandenberg
Laura Gaggiottini
Alessandra Spalletta
Elvira Buijink
Marie-Laure Maillat
Pierre De Lestrange
Bernad Leloup
Lara Leroy
Kathleen Leroy
Paco Levaux
Gaelle Wilkin
Karine Lavergne
Livia Tinca
Didier Ceuppens


Jury of the World's Workers Competition 


Philippe Vansnick
Cédric Swille
Laurence De Couvreur
Monique Son
Linda Léonard
Julien Dejon
Nicole Brisy
Dominique Leyon
David Beltran
Aldo Eugenio
Silvana Bossio
Diana De Crop
Luc De Bueger


Jury of the Young Vision Competition 


Bel Elsa
Warnier Mathilde
Dehalleux Geoffrey
Denys Pauline
Konstantinou Léa
Bah Issa
Lasri Abid
Ghoulim Walid
Benameur Yousra
Hussein Kevin
Permille Mucek
Avetisya Eric


Jury of the Web-Documentary Competition


Matthieu Lietaert
Sophie Berque
Alain Gérard
Zlatina Rousseva