Meet a Documentary Great: Helena Třeštíková

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A Master class and two screenings pay homage to the great Czech filmmaker


The Millenium Festival has the great honour of welcoming Helena Třeštíková for an exceptional meeting around her work. Helena Třeštíková is one of the most important contemporary Czech filmmakers. Graduated from the FAMU in Prague in 1974, she has directed over forty documentary films. She is famous for her great family sagas, while her latest trilogy of portraits (Marcela, René, Katka) brought her international attention. Masterpieces of editing, the three films confirm the filmmaker’s deftness at transforming the humdrum existence of the downtrodden into unique, fascinating narratives.



Master Class : How to film memory?


Helena Třeštíková will discuss some of the founding aspects of her work, in particular the fact that her films are shot over very long periods of time, sometimes over 35 years. She will talk about the relationships with the protagonists of her films, the change in their interactions over the long run. How are the relationships between the characters and the director evolving? Does the filming have an impact on their lives?  Helena will also share her understanding of ethics and her responsibility to the people involved in her films.


Where? 22 March - 19.15

When? Cinéma Aventure



A Marriage Story




To accompany her Master class, the Festival will present Helena Třeštíková's latest film, A Marriage Story. This documentary follows 35 years of ups and downs in the married life of Václav and Ivana Strnad. From newlywed architecture students living in a cramped flat in the socialist Czechoslovakia of the 80s, they become parents of five children, run a furniture company, build their own house and cope with Ivana’s fragile mental health. Their daily routine is played out in the dramatic context of political and social change where moments of absolute harmony mingle with dramatic fights and shocking revelations.


Where? 22 March - 19.15

When? Cinéma Aventure



An essential film: Mallory



After unique time-lapse documentaries Marcela, René and Katka, Helena Třeštíková follows her main protagonist Mallory for 13 years. Life hasn't been easy on Mallory but after the birth of her son she tries desperately to kick her drug habit, and to stop living on the street. She wants to turn her back on her dark past and help those she knows best - people on the fringes of society.


Where? 21 March - 19.15

When? Cinéma Aventure