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Wednesday 14/02/18 – 19h - Cinéma Galeries, Galeries de la Reine, 26, 1000 Bruxelles


Directed by Jin Mo-young
South Korea
85 min


On Wednesday 14 February, Valentine's Day, the Millenium Festival opens its best of screenings with a story of undying love. Directed by Jin Mo-young, My Love, Don't Cross that River, is a beautiful exploration of life and happiness, that will appeal to both romantics and documentary lovers. The film won the Special Jury Prize and the La Trois Prize at the 2015 Festival.



This is the story of the undying love between Byeongman Jo, 98, and Kyeyeol Kang, 89. Married for 76 years, they still walk holding hands, fight with snowballs, sing and cook together, and offer flowers to each other. It seems as nothing could ever separate them. But even the most beautiful flowers fade in winter… For more than a year, Mo-young Jin filmed with extreme delicacy the ordinary life of this extraordinary couple, capturing the essence of their seemingly eternal love. The most successful independent documentary of all time in South Korea, this film is a striking and moving meditation on the frail nature of happiness.

Excerpt from an interview of the director published on the site 4:3 following the 2015 Melbourne International Film Festival:
“When I started shooting, I just wanted to find out the secret of their love. But, as time went on, I could see many more facets to their lives, and, I guess, because of this, audiences enjoyed the film from various viewpoints – married or not married, male or female, young or old, as a son or daughter, mother or father, and so on. And, to all of them, this couple proved that eternal love still exists in this world.”
Read the full interview here.