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"A Belgrade apartment divided in two tells us the story of a family and of a country"
Director Talal Derki is able to share the intimacy of a family at war
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The Millenium Festival, open to all filmmakers around the world, has also the vocation to highlight Belgian productions


Program for this year: 


  • 3 Belgian Premieres 

Le souffle de la guerre chimique by Fabienne Lips-Dumas

Supported by exceptional archives,  unpublished interviews and harrowing testimonies , “ Winds of Chemical Warfare” , beyond breaking news , commemorates the centennial of the weapon of mass destruction . It acknowledges an unprecedented international cooperation, and alerts to the need for increased vigilance of governments and the chemical industry. Toxic chemicals are dual-use and from insecticide to weapons of mass destruction ,there is only one step.

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La corde du diable by Sophie Bruneau

It is the story of a universal and familiar tool: barbed wire. It dates back to the first settlers, the spirit of conquest and the control of the wilds. It is rooted into the American West’s development. It is the story of a small farming tool that became integrated into political history with the help of growing capitalism. It is the history of the evolution of surveillance and control techniques. The reversal of a relationship between man and animals. It is the story of the world of fencing in and the fencing in of the world. 

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L'homme qui répare les femmes de Thierry Michel

In the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the region of Kivu holds the majority of the world coltan reserves. Illegal exploitations of that ore encourage foreign armies to remain on the field. Twenty years of conflicts during which thousands of women have been subjected to sexual abuse. In that context of war, gynecologist Mukwege is fighting against that barbarism. All the women to whom he gave back their physical integrity and their dignity stand by his side. 

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  • 2 specials nights dedicated to the young belgian cinema

The fisrt on Sunday night at CIVA and the other one on Thursday night at Balassi Instituut. During those nights, we propose you to meet the film-makers and to discuss with them about their new productions.