Archives - Millenium Festival 2011


3rd edition - from the 8th to the 14th of June 2011




  • Objectif d’Or - Award of the Best Film - Blood relation by Noa Ben Hagai
  • Objectif d’Argent - Best Message of Development - offered by the PNUD - Green by Patrick Rouxel
  • Objectif de Bronze  - Best Human Rights Message - offered by UN OHCHR - Iraq: war, love, god and madness by Mohamed Al-Daradji
  • Special Mention - Ex Voto by Caroline D'hondt
  • Objectif de Bronze - Best Cultural Diversity Message - offered by the UNESCO - Shooting with Mursi  by Ben Young
  • Special Award of the Jury - Molf-e Gand by Mahmood Rahmani
  • Award of the Audience - Burma VJ by Anders Østergaard


Opening Film

Todos Vós Sodes Capitáns by Olivier Laxe



  • Cheick Oumar Sissoko - Director (President of the  Jury)
  • Reda Benjelloun - Director at 2M
  • Juan Martín Cueva - Director
  • Delphine Morel - Director
  • José María Riba - Programmer
  • Antonio Vigilante - Director of  the UN and UNDP Office Brussels
  • Yaxuan Zhang - Director at China Independent Film Archive


List of films


Africa is Back
Chergui Kharroubi & Salem Brahimi
Amazon Alive, Part 3: Forests of the future
Christian Baumeister
An Angel in Doel
Tom Fassaert
Sveta Strelnikova
Au Bas De L'Echelle
Tarek Ben Gzaïel
Awra Amra. Utopia In Ethiopia
Paulina Tervo
Baltazar Ushka
Igor & José Antonio Guayasamín
Blood Relation
Noa Ben Hagai
Bombay Workers
Vincent Detours & Dominique Henry
Joaquin Cervera
Michelle Coomber
Burma Bj
Anders Østergaard
Bentley Dean & Martin Butler
Katerina Kitidi & Ari Hatzistefanou
Dzi Croquettes
Tatiana Issa & Raphael Alvarez
Enjoy Your Meal
Walther Grotenhuis
Caroline D’hondt
Pavel Pechenkin
Marko Sipka
Amal Ramsis
Fortunes de Mer Adrift: People Of A Lesser God
Dominique C. Mollard
Ghetto Millionnaires
Gilles Remiche
Good Intentions
Natalia Meshchaninova
Patrick Rouxel
Human Terrain
James Der Derian, Michael & David Udris
HYMEN NATIONAL – Malaise dans l’Islam
Jamel Mokni
Comes Chahbazian
Juan Jos Lozano, Hollman Morris
Iraq: War, Love, God, and Madness
Mohamed Al-Daradji
Karla's Arrival
Koen Suidgeest