Archives - Festival Millenium 2018


10th edition - from 20 to 30 March 2018




International Competition:


Belgian Cinema Competition:

  • Prix de la critique du Meilleur Film Belge : Blue Orchids by Johan Grimonprez
  • Prix SCAM du Meilleur Scénario : Rabot by Christina Vandekerckhove
  • Prix du Meilleur Espoir Belge : Saule Marceau by Juliette Achard


"World's Workers" Competition:


"Young Vision" Competition:

  • Prix Vision Jeune : Valentina by Maximilian Feldmann



Opening Film


The Poetess by Stefanie Brockhaus and Andreas Wolff



International Jury


Jacques Bidou - Producer, JBA Productions and founding member of EURODOC

Boris Karadzhev - Director, screenwriter and documentary cinema teacher in Moscow

Leontina Vatamanu - Director, screenwriter and artistic director of OWH Studio in Chisinau

Kim Dong-won - Independant director of social documentaries

Antonio Vigilante - Director at the UN Office in Brussels



Belgian Critics jury


Elli Mastorou - Independant journalist and film reviewer

Nicolas NaizyIndependant journalist and culture reviewer

Freddy Sartor - Film reviewer at Filmmagie

Luc Dellisse - Writer, screenwriter and member of the Belgian committee of SCAM